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Rome is known all over the world as an open-air museum. The Baroque Art, dating back in Rome to the seventeenth century, helped the spread of this name.

A new exhibition of the Baroque Art started last April: “Barocco a Roma. La meraviglia delle arti”.

The exhibition is a detailed retrospective on the Baroque period, showing the spectators the prestige of one of the most important artistic movements of history. The event takes place at Palazzo Cipolla, until Sunday, July 26.

Some of the most prestigious museums in Europe contributed to the realization of this event donating their works, such as the Prado Museum in Madrid or the Louvre in Paris. All the main exponents of the Baroque period appear at the exhibition: the Italian Prince of Baroque Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Pietro da Cortona, Francesco Borromini and Giovan Francesco Barbieri.

Some other events will help improving the exhibition: the fireworks on the Tiber on June 29 and a concert of Baroque music on July 1.

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