Steve McCurry and Cinecittà met some years ago, when the lens of McCurry captured for the first time the secrets of this unusual place.

They meet again now through an exciting photography exhibition.

The exhibition, held in Teatro1 until 20 September, will present the material obtained by McCurry after his visit inside the warehouses and the sets of the Roman Studios, enriched by some of the most important shots of McCurry. Among the best shots on show, you will find the famous series of portraits, a classic of contemporary photography.

The show will present new works and an innovative layout that will guide visitors through the poetic universe of McCurry, in order to lead them "Look Beyond" - “Oltre lo Sguardo” (hence the name of the event).
You will find a rich multimedia contribution made by videos and exclusive interviews to retrace the extraordinary human journey of the american artist.

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