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After the customary summery break, one of the all-time stars of Roman entertainment is returning to the scene: the Teatro Sistina. The 2015/16 season - which is the third under the successful direction of Massimo Romeo Piparo - will officially begin on 1 October, with a programme full of big names.

The opening performance is being entrusted to Billy Elliot, the beautiful story based on the famous film by Stephen Daldry. The shows included in the subscription, however, will be starting on 20 October with “Vacanze Romane" ("Roman Holiday"), starring Serena Autieri. Flicking through the programme up until the Christmas holidays, you will find the timeless Enrico Montesano, from 9 December, in the role of the “Marchese del Grillo" ("The Marquis of Grillo"), an Italian comedy classic.

The new year will see the great return of Sabrina Ferilli, on stage in the comedy “Signori... le Paté de la maison”. Later on, there will be a great show of “Swan Lake” by The Imperial Ice Stars skating company.

Other great artists will follow, until the close of the season in May. Among these, there is the explosive comical duo starring Christian de Sica and Alessandro Siani. You might also like to keep an eye on the shows not included in the subscription, such as, in particular, the tribute to Modugno by Beppe Fiorello and the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” with Ted Neeley.

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