At 18 hours of every working day will be made a ceremony witnessed in turkish bath for guests who wish it. After a warm-up period will be distributed in a pack with rub the whole body. By honey moisture penetrates the skin and nourishes and giving it new radiance softness. In addition, honey has excellent purifying, antibacterial and soothing properties and helps protect the outer layer of skin. Excellent also the stimulating effect on cellular metabolism.

We assist our Wellnesstrainer II in this ceremony must-try. After serving tasty pieces of fruit juices and as a refresher. Strange as it seems, the turkish bath was refreshing, because the moisture on the skin evaporates and removes heat energy from the body and refreshes the skin.

Our Wellnesstrainer assist you in this ceremony must-try.
The treatments will alternate depending on the day with yogurt, oils and fragrances noble, or a true scrab with Dead Sea Salt.

Each ceremony for up to 5 people.


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